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BaaS-Promo $1000/Month Cloud Backup Critical Data

BaaS-Promo $1000/Month Cloud Backup Critical Data

Product ID: BaaS_Promo_5VM
Get up to 5 business critical servers i.e. 2 Domain Controllors, 2 File Servers, 1 Accounting Server, - backed up to Cloud, to start with.
Hidden Away from Ransomware and Hackers. Pick the cloud of choice, AWS, Azure or IBM!
Encrypted, Secure and Ready to Turn up and use should you have local system failure, flood, fire, human error or other outage.
Optional capability can be added to your service to fail over to cloud for patching and updating on prem equipment.
Enterprise Scalability, start small and operate elastically. Please Call us (760)805-0409 to discuss your requirements with an expert.

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